About Us

At Manoa Nursery School, we seek to bridge the gap between home and a more formal education by promoting a love for school and learning.

To help your child develop a feeling of self-worth and confidence in his or her ability, we provide a nurturing, non-pressured, flexible and orderly environment.

Each day is filled with Bible stories, music, crafts, 
seasonal topics, games, learning centers, snack and free time. 


Specific areas of concentration are socialization, 
early literacy and math, and the development of 
large and small motor skills.


We provide many special opportunities throughout the year for enrichment and for children to share with their families and friend what they are learning:


  • Trips

  • Parties

  • Special Visitors

  • Thanksgiving Program

  • Christmas Program

  • Parents' Day

  • Mothers' Tea

  • Family Picnic