"Ideally, I wish all schools were like Manoa, but this school is a diamond in the rough. The commitment of the staff to teach the Bible on an everyday level is seen in both the concrete activities of the classroom and the practical teachings of example through the lives of its staff. Manoa Nursery School is one of the most supportive and faithful communities of which our family has had the privilege to be a part."


— Angie




"Manoa Nursery School was so supportive of me when I brought my son home from Africa. They helped me navigate the waters of introducing him to a school environment and making sure he was prepared for Kindergarten. The staff is friendly, devoted and professional. I highly recommend them!"


— Gail





"Manoa Nursery School has been a wonderful blessing to our family!  My oldest son started 8 years ago when he was 2 1/2 years old in the Me Too class, and this year my fourth son begins at Manoa Nursery School because each of my children has been so happy there.  Each teacher has taken the time to know and understand each one of my children.  It has given me peace each time I drop them off to class that they are with adults who love them and pray for them."


— Rachel



"All four of my children have attended Manoa Nursery School since 2005 participating in a mix of their 2 and 3 day classes.  The teachers at Manoa feel like part of our family and going there feels like home.  They have loved and nurtured each child uniquely.  Manoa offers a well-rounded experience for children including education, socialization and faith.  It has also provided a great opportunity to connect with other families and children in our community.  We have been very happy in sending our children to Manoa Nursery School.  Even my oldest, now thirteen, still has warm and fond memories of his time at Manoa.  I would highly recommend Manoa to anyone looking for their child's first educational experience." 


— Jenn




"We're so thankful to be a part of Manoa Nursery School! I cannot say enough about this school! The teachers have worked lovingly and attentively with our children to get them to where they are today. They have created an environment where I have peace of mind leaving my child in their care knowing my child is happy, thriving and safe. The teachers are warm, affectionate and build trusting relationships with each student. Another strength of the school is the welcoming and caring community of families. Relationships extend beyond the classroom walls, and we are so happy for the friendships that we have formed as a result of being part of MNS. We would highly recommend this school to families looking for a great preschool program, devoted staff, and an overall wonderful school community."


— Bridget